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So trawling through my dash the other day I came across a set of pictures where the model had been dressed head to toe in latex and bound spread eagled to a four poster bed. I jokingly asked Lucy if she would like to spend the night like that. Silly me… I must learn not to underestimate Lucy’s love of latex and bondage.

Thanks to thattroikidd for most of the equipment (I made the collar permanently affixed around Lucy’s throat), and the pictures.

Me trying to date:
  • Me:

    I'm really into some kinda weird stuff. Are you into kinky sex?

  • Him:

    Oh definitely. I love hair pulling and neck biting, I'm REALLY kinky.

  • Me:

    No.. You don't understand.


Nothing like a bit of Florentine flogging to increase one’s blood flow in the morning!


Poor Anna Rose, another day of forced orgasms.